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Whether you’re a passionate homeowner who takes pride in a healthy lawn or a dedicated professional landscaper who takes care of lawns for a living, it’s important to learn some key maintenance tips. Here at County Home & Outdoors, we share in your appreciation for a lush, beautiful lawn. We’ve gathered some of our best lawn care tips to help with your maintenance routine. If you’ve got questions, feel free to give us a call or swing by our dealership. We’re conveniently located in Nederland, Texas.


When the fall season hits, it’s good practice to spread an inch of compost over your lawn and water it in. Most lawns require around one inch of water per week to thrive. You can prevent diseases by watering your lawn first thing in the morning. It’s also wise to aerate your lawn every couple of years to eliminate thatch. Aeration also allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate as deep as possible into the root zone. For deep roots and a healthy lawn, you’ll want to water for a longer period of time but do it less frequently. After watering, take a garden towel and check the moisture. If you don’t feel that it’s wet about 4 to 6 inches down, continue to water.

Managing Weeds

The best way to manage weeds is to get them under control while they’re still young. Once you’re dealing with seed-producing weeds, it becomes much trickier to manage. While weed control is certainly necessary, there’s no reason to lose your marbles over a few weeds. It’s virtually impossible to keep your lawn entirely weed-free. There are some great lawn care tips to help you manage the number of weeds in your yard.

You can start by managing the number of weed seeds in your lawn to make sure the situation is kept under control. Pay attention to dandelions specifically. When you continuously remove their leaves and flowers, you’ll prevent seeds from spreading. If you keep up with this lawn care tip, you’ll eventually starve the taproot and kill the weed.

Dealing with Insects & Pests

This might come as a surprise, but less than 2% of the insects in your lawn are actually considered pests. In fact, most of the insects found in your yard are actually beneficial to it, like earthworms. These creatures are drawn to your lawn and its mulch clippings, which results in the breakdown of thatch, aeration of the soil, and reduced compaction. Remember that reduced compaction is essential for lawn growth and overall health.

You’re officially prepared to take your lawn care routine to the next level! Don’t forget to visit us at County Home & Outdoors for more lawn care tips and tricks. You’ll find our dealership in Nederland, Texas.

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